Bettyanne Green

Content Marketing Strategist | Concierge Copywriter

Welcome and congrats for getting strategic about your marketing message and content!

You’re here because you know the importance of powerful, authentic, clear marketing copy. You know that the right words sent out to all the right places will attract the right people.

And I’m here to help you accomplish just that. Check out my new set of offers all gussied up in response to what people are telling me they need most.

30-minute FREE Discovery Session. We talk about where you are with your core messaging and your content, where you want to be with it, and how I can help you through the process, blocks, and strategy that fit YOU and your business.

Website Content Review.  This is a great first step toward getting serious about your branding message and strategy. Your website is where it all starts: if your web content isn’t clear and impactful, then you have nowhere to go with your content marketing.  I review your website content for clarity, impact, visitor navigation and user experience – what’s working, what’s not.

Speakers and Authors ‘Book Me!’ Package. If you are out speaking about your business at networking groups or promoting your book(s), leverage your ability to be booked by having a beautiful, compelling, cohesive presence in all your materials. You’ll get a customized Speaker or Author Bio, Speaker Sheet content, and Speaker/Media webpage content. Make it easy for meeting planners and booking agents to find you and match you with the perfect audiences.

Mine Your Message Session. If you’re unsure of – or simply hate – your current brand/core message, we dive in together in a 2 – hour session and uncover your unique brilliance and authentic voice. This is YOUR dedicated time (I love seeing how delighted and moved poeple are to have this rare focus-on-self time) to talk about yourself, your passion, your business. Together we craft the core branding message that gets you excited and makes you money!

Content Marketing Strategy Session. Facing that blank, white, staring screen to strategize and produce your content can be mind-numbing! You may feel that you’re spending precious time throwing word spaghetti against the wall with no idea what will stick. My 2-hour session with you and your team will meet you where you are in your business goals and guide you through the content marketing strategic process. You get personal attention and personalized templates to help you create a strategy that works for you and brings you results. Custom follow-up consultations support you and keep you focused. And you can move on to make the content happen with…

Concierge Copywriter Package. Let’s face it – there are writers and there are writers! I have more than 30 years’ marketing communications experience behind the writing/editing that I do for my business clients. This is an open-ended package of hours that you can use for anything you’re working on: website copy, LinkedIn content, ebook, opt-in gift, FB posts, emarketing campaign, newsletter, blogs, white papers, direct-mail pieces, collateral material, video scripts, you-name-it.  We have a relationship in which I know and reflect your unique brilliance and voice. You have the freedom to switch it up as your priorities or muses change. Prerequisite: Content Marketing Consultation  or Mine Your Message session.

If you’d like to learn more or get started right away, schedule a complimentary Content Strategy Session with me.