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The Virgin Blog: Who? What? When? Why? Huh?

5 W's of writingMy first blog.  Three words on a white, virgin screen, followed by – mild terror!  I’m already stuck.  I take some deep breaths, wipe the sweat off my mouse, and step away from the Writer’s Block.  OK.  I’m ready … From a more objective distance, I see that writing a blog isn’t that much different from any other type of writing.

The 5 W’s
It comes down to the basics: The 5W model,  the ”reporter’s creed”:   Who, What, Where, When, and Why.  These are the basic questions every reader wants answered.  If you keep these in mind when you write your blog, or anything else for that matter, you’ll give readers what they want and need to hear.

So for this first blog, I want you to know who I am, what I will be blogging about, and why you might be interested in reading what I have to say. Enter the 5W’s…

Who (am I)?
I’m Bettyanne Green, a 30-year marketing communications professional, working in pretty much all aspects of marketing strategy, design and writing.  I’ve recently reconnected to my roots in writing/editing, loving the written word, and Grammar Geekiness.

Case in point. Seventh grade, Mr. Bulger’s English class. He gave the class an assignment to listen to our favorite music and see how many grammatical errors we could find in the lyrics. This assignment was meant for me – I was on it! Assignment-due-day arrives, and we shared our findings. The class averaged, say, 5 to 20 errors – I found 62.  Yeh, Grammar Geek (well, and rock music lover too – I think that part may have saved my reputation, such as it was in 7th grade).

Fast-forward to now, many manuscripts, marketing strategy flowcharts, newsletters, brochure designs later. My new direction and passion is to focus on the writing part of marketing, especially for small-business owners and in online as well as offline media. I’m so happy to be returning to my writing roots as Content Marketing Strategist and  Concierge Copywriter with Heart2Heart Marketing! And talking to you…

What (will I blog about)?
I’m going to write about all things related to writing for your business – what to write, how to write, where to send it, how to get the results you desire.  Figuring out this moving target called Social Media and staying on top of it. Tips, templates, and the latest news on creating messages that inform, inspire and convert.  And, yes, in incomplete sentences – because I can.

My blogs will be geared to people who aren’t SM geeks or techies, but want to know how to effectively use digital media to promote their cause or business – in an authentic, stress-free, truly relationship-building way.

And I’ll concentrate on messaging – how to write, how to express yourself authentically, how to figure out what’s going on in the English language these days. For example, incomplete sentences are OK when you’re writing marketing copy (I’ll show you why).

When? Where?
When: About once a week. Where: Wherever wild-eyed, dazed business owners who need support, information and relief from writer’s block hang out.

Why (should you care)?
Here’s the deal: If you’re running a business, you WILL be writing for it. There’s no way around it – even if you hire a copywriter like myself, even if you are terrible at grammar, syntax and spelling, even if you’re “too busy” to take the time.

You still are the Master Creator of your business story, and it’s YOUR voice that your target audience wants to hear.   My goal is to help you be the best you can be at representing your business through your writing. To make your message matter in the marketplace. To attract clients who will pay for your services and make you lots of money – but authentically, not intrusively.

My sincere hope is to shed some light on these subjects, offer real value and maybe a chuckle or two.  Then my job here is done.

So that’s my story. I send you a hearty invitation to subscribe, share this with your friends, and leave in the comments section your thoughts on the biggest blocks you face when you’re writing for your business.

And don’t forget to write!

big thanks to Alastair Cotton/123rf photos

3 Responses to The Virgin Blog: Who? What? When? Why? Huh?

  1. Bettyanne-

    CONGRATULATIONS! I love the first blog, and your site is amazing!

  2. Bettyanne Green says:

    Thanks, Lorrie – it means a lot coming from a fellow wordsmith! Looking forward to many collaborations with Tara Writing Services 🙂

  3. Linda Zallen says:

    Virgin blog -1st paragraph and photo of little boy at blackboard- So inspiring! Another notch forward in the move towards blogging from the heart. Thanks, BettyAnne. You rock. <3

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