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What’s up with that writer’s block thing?

So, what’s all this about writer’s block?

Well, it’s a thing, for sure. Much has been written about writer’s block for the business writer, and there’s no shortage of tips to conquer it.

Know what I’m talking about? It’s when you feel,  as you sit in front of that blank.white.staring screen, like your brain has suddenly become as blank as that dang screen!  You both sit there, staring at each other, until your timer dings and your scheduled time for writing your blog has ended. Writer-blocked! 

Over the years of working with business clients, I’ve noticed a few contributors to writer’s block that aren’t going to be solved by arranging your pencils, going for a walk, or meditating (well, meditating does help clarity…).

One of these I want to share today. So, picture this:

It’s Saturday night and you’re in your car headed toward a get-together with your besties – could be dinner with favorites in your family, pool night, blinged-out night out with the girls, or any combination that fits you.

Choose your scene…got it?

You’re driving, you have music on, you’re relaxed, and you’re excited to be with these people. Because you know it’s going to be a great time! Stimulating conversation, laughs, sharing your thoughts with people who have similar core values and interests. They get you, you get them. You can just hang out and feel comfortable.

I ask you: At this moment are you wondering what you’re going to say? Wondering what you can say that hasn’t been said before? Are they going to get you? Are they going to respond back, or not – or not invite you out again?

NO, you’re not!! They’re your people!

What if you could apply that Saturday-night feeling to your business writing?

When you address your “ideal client” – not all your clients, but your ideal client because that’s your marketing focus – think of them in this same way. You are in relationship with them. They know, like and trust you, or they’re getting there as you continue to build your connection.

Consider this: Your ideal client has chosen you for many of the reasons your besties have. They have a choice – they could be buying from any number of people who sell what you sell, correct? But they’re choosing YOU. Why?

Because of your expertise, your product, the quality, the service. All true.

But they’re coming to you (or considering you) because of who you are. Because of your core values. Because of the combination of your unique experience, backstory, reason for doing the work you do, quirkiness (or steadiness), humor (or seriousness), creativity (or analytic acumen).

This beautiful blend is what brings in the best people for you to work with, and for you to help, and of course to pay you well.

Your writer’s block could be your mind chatter about the people to whom you’re writing – not about writing itself

Could this be going through your mind as you’re staring at your screen (and it’s staring back)? Do I have something worthwhile to share? What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Are they going to get what I’m saying? Are they going to respond back – or want to hang out with me again?

Yup, it’s a mindset game … So, perhaps it’s time to drop that mind chatter and stop questioning yourself about people whom you, in fact, know very, very well.

Now, I’m not suggesting you talk with them EXACTLY like you would your best friends or favorite family members – that could get you locked up!!!

I’m saying this: TRUST that you’re reaching people who “get you.” Trust that they have chosen you, or will choose you, because of who you are.

You are free to write what you want, from that place, because that’s what they want to hear. And this is what sets you apart from others who do the work that you do. Isn’t that liberating?

When you stop the self-questioning and the self-censuring, your authentic voice is going to come through, nice and easy. Your screen (and your people) will be so pleased…

Here’s to making YOUR message matter ~

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