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Your Aha! Moment: Definitive Usage Guide


With origins in Chaucer, Shakespeare and the King James version of the Bible, this charming 3-letter exclamation seems to have captured America’s heart. And why not? We live in an age of self-discovery and the unexpected (and ‘Eureka!’ sounds so last century).

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What’s up with that writer’s block thing?

Copyright: ruigsantos / 123RF Stock PhotoWell, it’s a thing, for sure. Much has been written about writer’s block for the business writer, and there’s no shortage of tips offered to conquer it.

Know what I’m talking about? It’s when you feel – as you sit in front of that Blank.White.Staring Screen – like your brain has suddenly become as blank as that dang screen!  You both sit there, staring at each other, until your timer dings and your scheduled time for writing your blog has ended. You’ve been Writer-Blocked! Continue Reading