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Are You Winging Your Content Marketing Strategy?

If you’re like most solo/small business owners, you’re busy spinning so many plates to keep your business running that your marketing gets pushed to the back burner. You’re not intentional or strategic about your content marketing – in fact you’re winging it! Am I right?? C’mon you can tell me – we’re all doing it, even the Big Fish in the Business Sea!

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Your Aha! Moment: Definitive Usage Guide


With origins in Chaucer, Shakespeare and the King James version of the Bible, this charming 3-letter exclamation seems to have captured America’s heart. And why not? We live in an age of self-discovery and the unexpected (and ‘Eureka!’ sounds so last century).

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How to Bring Your Marketing Copy to Life Stresslessly: My favorite prompts

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You’re sitting in front of your screen, rereading the homepage or sales letter you just wrote for your business, and it just isn’t cutting it. It’s ‘correct’ – but it’s not alive and it’s not you. The copy sounds like everyone else’s in your industry. Why isn’t it grabbing you? Why doesn’t it reflect who you are? Why is this so stressful??Continue Reading