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Leverage Your Genius – Hire Your Weaknesses

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx

You’re a solo entrepreneur, master of your business domain, able to work in your jammies with dog and latte at your side.  You love your independence and are proud of your humming-along business.  All true. BUT are you tired, stressed, frustrated at having to do everything yourself, climbing that learning curve, going it alone?  You’re working away at the gifted service you provide your clients – your genius workat the same time wearing the accountant, admin assistant, social media maven and marketer hats. Take a moment to think about how many hours you spent last week on OTHER THAN your genius work.  Hmmm…

You may be very capable of fashionably sporting some or even all of these hats, but believe me, your genius work is suffering as a result.  You’re likely distracted from your purpose for being in business, straining to give it the 100% you would like to give.

What to do? Give it up!

Control, that is, the inner chatter that says you’re supposed to do it all. Consider outsourcing to help you run your business. Blasphemy?  No, sound business practice – and you can still wear your jammies to work.

Sara Blakely, founder of the body-shaping undergarment company Spanx, started out in 1998 with a bright idea – cutting the feet out of her pantyhose to smooth the panty line in her $98 cream-colored pants.  By 2009 Spanx had 85 employees, 200 products and 3,000 retail locations. As of March 2013, Spanx, Inc. was valued at $1 billion, at the time making her the world’s youngest billionaire. Wow – go girl!

Sara is not CEO of her own company, something considered anathema in the world of entrepreneurs.  In an interview she explains, “A lot of entrepreneurs end up getting in the way of the growth of their own business… I had to be every department  when I started. I was the packer, shipper, before-and-after butt model [I love this!].  I learned very quickly what I liked to do, what I didn’t like to do, what I was good at, what I wasn’t good at. And as soon as I could afford to hire my weaknesses, I did.”

Devote your energies to your purpose – and make MORE money

By investing in your business, you position yourself for growth, setting yourself up to become the vision you have for your business. It’s the simple equation of spending money to make money, and you will see the returns.  Gift yourself with giving up control, delegating, parting with a little money that will bring in more money, not to mention peace of mind and the ability to focus on your unique brilliance.

Allow others “in” to do the work…

…that will take them 15 minutes versus taking you hours.  You get results, they get to be paid for their genius work – and there are more bonuses.  By reaching out to others, you’ll gain more than just some help. Cross-pollination of ideas and support, new friends, stimulation by someone new to your business and life, new strategic partners to refer new clients – win-win-win-win!

Bottom line

Share the wealth, attract more wealth, work with peace of mind and focused purpose – how great is that??

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3 Responses to Leverage Your Genius – Hire Your Weaknesses

  1. Excellent post, Bettyanne. The gap between “chief, cook, and bottle washer,” and hiring or outsourcing that first assistant is typically far wider than it ought to be. Waiting too long comes at a high price, too: things slip through the cracks, scheduling discrepancies, loss of creativity, I’s that don’t get dotted, T’s that go uncrossed, and ultimately even burn out.

    Today, more than ever, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many affordable resources, from CRM’s and scanning apps to interns and virtual assistants that allow us to automate tasks, and outsource small projects. is an excellent resource for outsourcing small projects, such as quick logos, website banners, templates, etc.. One does have to invest time vetting, and finding a good source. To that end, starting with featured, and top selling members will help.

  2. Bettyanne Green says:

    Great points, Cyndee. You’re quite right about waiting too long, which is such a common habit – how many of us can look back at a job, a relationship, a hairstyle we wish we had stopped earlier?! I recommend testing the waters with a small, safe step, such as using a service like Thanks for sharing that – it’s an excellent resource and a great tip to avoid combing through listings by starting with featured members. And once you try outsourcing, you never look back and keep your focus on your genius!

    I’m always looking for Virtual Assistants to recommend to clients, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

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