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How to Bring Your Marketing Copy to Life Stresslessly: My favorite prompts

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You’re sitting in front of your screen, rereading the homepage or sales letter you just wrote for your business, and it just isn’t cutting it. It’s ‘correct’ – but it’s not alive and it’s not you. The copy sounds like everyone else’s in your industry. Why isn’t it grabbing you? Why doesn’t it reflect who you are? Why is this so stressful??

There are many ways to liven up copy to grab your ideal client’s attention.  Lots of information, templates and training online, and you could hire me to write it for you J.  But the truth?  It’s an inner game. Authentic content comes from clarity of self, and that comes from cutting through the baggage, the self-doubt, the stress and discomfort of convincing others how great you are and why they should pay you. It’s not an easy thing to do, writing your own marketing copy.

Yet you have to go there. You have to reach inside and bring out the YOU that people want to see and for whom you can bring solutions in your own uniquely brilliant way. There’s no substitute for your unique and authentic voice. You are Master Creator of your Brand Message, whether you depend on a writing team or not.

Here’s some help.

Taking charge of your neuropathways

I once attended a talk given by Marci Shimoff, best-selling author of Happy for No Reason.  She led the audience of about 75 people in an exercise, asking everyone to bend over in their seats, curl up in a fetal-like position and say, “I’m so happy!”  Low, growly, muffled voices rumbled unconvincingly throughout the hall.

Then she instructed everyone to stand up, stretch their arms wide, open their chests and say, “I’m depressed!”  Loud but uncertain voices rang out hollowly.  It was a strange sensation – it didn’t work to curl yourself up, contract yourself and proclaim you were happy. It was incongruous and weird. And it didn’t work to open yourself up to the world, open heart, open arms, and proclaim you were depressed.

It was a wonderful exercise to show us the mind-body-spirit connection of attitude and, as she proposes, happiness.  Happiness is an inside job, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physiologically. And, based on impressive bodies of research in the fields of positive psychology and neurophysiology, you can learn tools to raise your positivity level and lower blocks to productivity.

Inner-game prompts

I have three favorite phrases I call on when I’m feeling self-doubt, low energy, or fogginess about what value I’m bringing to the table. These phrases help lift me out of a gloomy mood to appreciate myself and my life, and bring me back to what’s important about my business and brand.  Then it’s so much easier to sit in front of my blank, white, staring screen and produce my marketing content.

I invite you to check this out and try it on for yourself. These are powerful phrases that, taken together, can help you feel better about yourself and feel MORE yourself, which of course clarifies your brand and message…

Is it possible that…?  ‘Possibility’ to me is such a positive word. It’s the perpetual potential promise of something even better.  Maybe it’s possible that I can write a viral and valuable blog series.  Is it possible that I can double my income this year? Is it possible that I’m in the absolute sweet-spot of my gifts and have the perfect message to share with my public?

I’m willing to… This doesn’t mean that I promise to do something or I’ll try to do it, both of which can be invitations to failure. It means I’m willing to open myself to the possibility that, yeah, there’s another way of doing things, another way of being, another choice to make.

I’m so grateful now that I….Did you know that gratitude is the key to confidence in your work? This is not from Pollyanna World; in fact, it’s literally good for your health. I keep it in the business context:  I’m grateful that I’ve signed my first full-year client contract. That I have my website updated, or rocked my networking group talk (or even gotten the thing written!). That I had a crappy day yesterday so I’ve chosen to go full force and make up for it today.

To sink it in and stick it

I invite you to try this exercise.  Simply write down the first phrase – “Is it possible that…?” and complete the sentence with at least 5 thoughts – whatever comes into your head, no need to be heavy about it. Just by doing this, you are threading those neuropathways toward positivity.  Allow yourself to really think of possibilities of good for yourself.

Go on to write down and complete the second phrase – “I’m willing to…”. This means thinking about what you might be willing to do to realize those possibilities. What might you have to let go of or change?  Don’t stress yourself with the specter of a commitment, just consider opening yourself up to its possibilities.

Then the last phrase – my favorite! Gratitude makes those neuropathways and endorphins fly!  5 examples of gratitude for how great you are, how wonderful your unique gifts are, what amazing shifts you create for your clients.

Aaaah, now you’re filled with that self-lovin’ puppy-huggin’ euphoria and ready to tackle anything!  Or at least more so than when you were fretting in front of your computer screen moments ago.  Now settle in and start to write your copy, flowing freely and being yourself.  Think less about the sentence structure and more about the words that arise naturally about you, the products/services you offer, and the value you bring to your clients’ lives.

Tell me how it works for you – Comment below  – I want to know!  And if you’d like extra support on this whole content marketing writing thing, let’s do a free 30-minute Discovery Session together:  Learn more here.

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