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How to Add SPICE to Your Content Marketing Plan

spice-thumbnail_123rf_belchonockWhat can you do to make your message matter out there in the crowded cyberworld that is your link to the people who need you and pay you? How do you raise your voice above the fray? Well, add SPICE!  Read on…

SPICE – Strategy, Personality, Intention, Consistency, Entertainment. Otherwise, you’re throwing bland, tasteless word spaghetti against the wall and I guarantee it won’t stick!  The 5 keys are TO BE…

STRATEGIC:  Before you put virtual pen to paper, consider things like: Whom do I want to reach? Where do I need to reach them? What do I want my messaging to look like – graphics, blogs, Instagram photos, videos? How often do I need to post or connect?  Taking the time in the beginning of a campaign to think through these practical aspects puts you in the driver’s seat to succeed.

PERSONAL:  What sets you apart from others who do what you do = YOU. In this glorious era of relationship marketing, your purpose is to build relationships over time with your readers/listeners so that you become top-of-mind when they’re ready to purchase from you or refer you. You accomplish this by sharing yourself in your unique brilliance, heart-core values and particular style. I like to say: Be you. Be real. Be helpful.

INTENTIONAL: Get crystal-clear on what you intend with each message you send out, EVERY TIME by asking yourself questions like:  What do I want them to know right now? What action do I want them to take – is it to trust my credibility, be inspired to take a step toward change, grab that freebie, share my post, view me as an expert, click that link? Your intention for your overall campaign, as well as each piece of writing within it, drives your content.

CONSISTENT: Ah, this can be the deal-breaker!  You’re likely juggling lots of biz-building balls and it’s tough to keep your attention on the marketing one. However, social media, advertising, and our perhaps imperfect cognitive abilities demand that you keep in front of your people in a consistent way. Clients often come to me after they’ve tried this or that with no results and it’s because they’re winging it – they haven’t created a plan and followed it consistently to give it a chance to succeed. One of my favorite quotes (by a brilliant but unidentified marketer): “Content marketing is a long-term relationship; it’s not a one-night stand.”

ENTERTAINING: Put on your media user hat for a moment:  You have myriad choices at any moment of your day to pop onto your favorite device and get what you want, whether it’s quick answers, a laugh, connection to an expert, free shipping, inspiration – and you want it free, right? Same thing with your beloved target audience. So make it easy and pleasant for them to take the ride with you and not hop off for the next shiny new thing, leaving you in the dust.

There you have it – sounds like a lot and actually it is. Much of it is just taking the time to think through these 5 keys, with your team or coach or a content strategist like myself. Reaching that clarity will make the implementation flow much more easily with great outcomes. Benefit: Your time, your budget, your team and your results all will be more effective.

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