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Attracting the “Right” People? It’s Not What You Think

I’m assuming that the savvy businessperson you are has identified your target market. Great start! But are you attracting the ‘right’ people with your messaging?

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Are You Winging Your Content Marketing Strategy?

If you’re like most solo/small business owners, you’re busy spinning so many plates to keep your business running that your marketing gets pushed to the back burner. You’re not intentional or strategic about your content marketing – in fact you’re winging it! Am I right?? C’mon you can tell me – we’re all doing it, even the Big Fish in the Business Sea!

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When to Use Your Bio as a Speaker Intro….Never!!


62395758 - dj is singing with the microphone and pointing to someoneScratchin’ your head in confusion? Let me explain.

Have you ever noticed when you’re about to hear a speaker (live or online) and as the host gives the intro they pause, stumble over words, or seem to drone on with phrases that glaze over your brain?  It happens often and here’s why: The introduction was a bio that had been written to be read, not to be spoken. There IS a difference.Continue Reading