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Attracting the “Right” People? It’s Not What You Think

I’m assuming that the savvy businessperson you are has identified your target market. Great start! But are you attracting the ‘right’ people with your messaging?

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Are You Winging Your Content Marketing Strategy?

If you’re like most solo/small business owners, you’re busy spinning so many plates to keep your business running that your marketing gets pushed to the back burner. You’re not intentional or strategic about your content marketing – in fact you’re winging it! Am I right?? C’mon you can tell me – we’re all doing it, even the Big Fish in the Business Sea!

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How to Add SPICE to Your Content Marketing Plan

spice-thumbnail_123rf_belchonockWhat can you do to make your message matter out there in the crowded cyberworld that is your link to the people who need you and pay you? How do you raise your voice above the fray? Well, add SPICE!  Read on…Continue Reading

How to Start Your Content Marketing Strategy: Mine Your Message

content marketing strategyYou can find a plethora (my favorite word from The Three Amigos) of free and fabulous info on content marketing. But then it comes down to you, Solopreneur, sitting in front of your blank, white, staring screen, saying to yourself, ‘OK then, so what do I do NOW?’Continue Reading