Bettyanne Green

Content Marketing Strategist | Concierge Copywriter

How to Start Your Content Marketing Strategy: Mine Your Message

content marketing strategyYou can find a plethora (my favorite word from The Three Amigos) of free and fabulous info on content marketing. But then it comes down to you, Solopreneur, sitting in front of your blank, white, staring screen, saying to yourself, ‘OK then, so what do I do NOW?’Continue Reading

Be a Marketing Master: Learn how to write a paragraph

Picasso-Light-Drawings-1Marketing Master? YES!  Learn how to write a paragraph? YAWN.  Really, there’s an important connection here. It’s one of the inside stories of great writing. And I’m here to tell you, you need to know this to write for your business.

In anything we do, there are rules and foundations that actually work.

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Leverage Your Genius – Hire Your Weaknesses

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx

You’re a solo entrepreneur, master of your business domain, able to work in your jammies with dog and latte at your side.  You love your independence and are proud of your humming-along business.  All true. BUT are you tired, stressed, frustrated at having to do everything yourself, climbing that learning curve, going it alone?  You’re working away at the gifted service you provide your clients – your genius workContinue Reading

The Virgin Blog: Who? What? When? Why? Huh?

5 W's of writingMy first blog.  Three words on a white, virgin screen, followed by – mild terror!  I’m already stuck.  I take some deep breaths, wipe the sweat off my mouse, and step away from the Writer’s Block.  OK.  I’m ready … From a more objective distance, I see that writing a blog isn’t that much different from any other type of writing.Continue Reading