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Conquering the Content Creation Wall


hitting-content-wall_10-16“I sit at my desk with my pen in my hand,

Beseeching my mind as nice as I can­­

To cease its wand’ring and keep to its work,

For that is but one of a few of its quirks.”

This is the beginning of a poem called ‘The Poet’ which I wrote in 8th grade for a class assignment. I remember wracking Continue Reading

Attracting the “Right” People? It’s Not What You Think

I’m assuming that the savvy businessperson you are has identified your target market. Great start! But are you attracting the ‘right’ people with your messaging?

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Are You Winging Your Content Marketing Strategy?

If you’re like most solo/small business owners, you’re busy spinning so many plates to keep your business running that your marketing gets pushed to the back burner. You’re not intentional or strategic about your content marketing – in fact you’re winging it! Am I right?? C’mon you can tell me – we’re all doing it, even the Big Fish in the Business Sea!

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What’s up with that writer’s block thing?

So, what’s all this about writer’s block?

Well, it’s a thing, for sure. Much has been written about writer’s block for the business writer, and there’s no shortage of tips to conquer it.

Know what I’m talking about? It’s when you feel,  as you sit in front of that blank.white.staring screen, like your brain has suddenly become as blank as that dang screen!  You both sit there, staring at each other, until your timer dings and your scheduled time for writing your blog has ended. Writer-blocked! Continue Reading

Your Aha! Moment: Definitive Usage Guide


With origins in Chaucer, Shakespeare and the King James version of the Bible, this charming 3-letter exclamation seems to have captured America’s heart. And why not? We live in an age of self-discovery and the unexpected (and ‘Eureka!’ sounds so last century).

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Want to Reach New Clients? Forget How to Write!

52499471 - modern hip hop dancer woman in motion blur

I’ve been a huge fan of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (SYTYCD), the TV reality show dance competition. You follow the contestants through their journey from audition to ‘top ten’ to the winner, ‘America’s Favorite Dancer.’  I celebrated Mark becoming lead dancer for Lady GaGa, Robert’s car accident and amazing comeback, and Twitch and Allison’s marriage (You fans know what I’m talkin’ about!).

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New Dictionary Words 2016: My faves

26884056 - magic book

I believe in words. I love exploring the obscure etymology of an idiom and pouring through a thesaurus as much as the next guy (what…you don’t??). Yet I also know – and love — that language is a fluid thing which moves and grows as human consciousness does.

The 2016 lists of new words inducted into Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary are out, and here are some of my faves from each:  Continue Reading

When to Use Your Bio as a Speaker Intro….Never!!


62395758 - dj is singing with the microphone and pointing to someoneScratchin’ your head in confusion? Let me explain.

Have you ever noticed when you’re about to hear a speaker (live or online) and as the host gives the intro they pause, stumble over words, or seem to drone on with phrases that glaze over your brain?  It happens often and here’s why: The introduction was a bio that had been written to be read, not to be spoken. There IS a difference.Continue Reading

How to Bring Your Marketing Copy to Life Stresslessly: My favorite prompts

30181665 - concept of creative technology with a boy with a tablet

You’re sitting in front of your screen, rereading the homepage or sales letter you just wrote for your business, and it just isn’t cutting it. It’s ‘correct’ – but it’s not alive and it’s not you. The copy sounds like everyone else’s in your industry. Why isn’t it grabbing you? Why doesn’t it reflect who you are? Why is this so stressful??Continue Reading

How to Add SPICE to Your Content Marketing Plan

spice-thumbnail_123rf_belchonockWhat can you do to make your message matter out there in the crowded cyberworld that is your link to the people who need you and pay you? How do you raise your voice above the fray? Well, add SPICE!  Read on…Continue Reading