Bettyanne Green

Content Marketing Strategist | Concierge Copywriter

Are you ready to…

  • Send out a powerful, potent message that reflects your unique brilliance and attracts quality, high-paying clients?
  • Collect all your message pieces into a cohesive, consistent content-marketing strategy?
  • Send the right words to the right places to attract the right people?

Yes, yes, and yes?

Then let’s talk!

You know that you need to build relationships – the “know, like, trust” factor – and to do that you need to be visible, well, everywhere consistently and constantly. It’s the only way to get clients and make money, right? Sound marketing advice.

You’ve heard all this – and likely paid lots of money to a coach to teach you. And then you find yourself sitting alone in front that Blank.White.Staring.Screen faced with making all of this happen for your business.

What next? Well, things like panic, overwhelm, mental blocks, inner-critic monkey chatter – and basically, you wing it. Using your precious time throwing word spaghetti against the wall, not sure what will stick. It’s a dilemma so many solo business owners, entrepreneurs, professional practitioners, creatives et al face (the reason  I know is I’ve been there myself). Yet the truth is…

Your marketing message is too important to wing it!

My job is to make sure that you don’t have to wing it anymore. That your marketing messages REFLECT YOU AND WORK FOR YOU. That you FEEL RELIEF in having a strategy and BREATHE EASIER knowing your content marketing plan is running smoothly and BRINGING YOU RESULTS you can take to the bank.

If you’d like to know more, schedule a complimentary Content Strategy Session with me, or feel free to browse around the website.